Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is quick to award parking permits for residents but, as pollution soars, they are not installing on-street electric charging points or allowing residents to do so. Without off street parking, residents can only utilise 3 charging spaces available in municipal town car parks.

The Government’s Clean Air Plan states that: “Local authorities are already responsible for improving air quality, but will now be expected to develop new and creative solutions to reduce vehicle emissions as quickly as possible…”

Going forward, major car manufacturers (such as Volvo) will only make electric cars.

Kent County Council told one bewildered Tunbridge Wells resident their current solution: 1 person in the whole County is being allowed to install an on-street charging point ‘as a trial’ – at their own cost.

Our local authorities are charged with a total lack of vision on this. It’s time they plugged into the 21st Century and employed some bright sparks to get this sorted.