A number of London’s street lamps are being adapted so they can charge electric cars, offering a solution to the challenges of installing dedicated EV parking bays and removing parking spaces from the general supply. They also give residents who do not have access to off street parking the opportunity to charge their cars locally.

Owners of hybrid and electric cars can order a charging cable with an in-built electricity meter and will be able to charge their vehicles using the lamp posts.

The technology can be retrofitted into existing streetlights, avoiding adding unnecessary new street furniture to streets. The borough of Kensington and Chelsea has approved having the charging points fitted into heritage lamps across the area.
By increasing the number of EV charging points and making them more convenient, the number of lower emission vehicles is more likely to increase, reducing local pollution levels.

Given local authorities are already responsible for improving air quality, we are sure our council have similar initiatives in mind to help deal with the high pollution levels.

This sort of initiative is perfect for the borough,  where charging points are pretty non existent.