Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has ambitious plans to build new council offices and a new theatre next to, on top of and under the town centre Grade II Listed public park, Calverley Grounds.

This development will require cutting down 66 trees in the western area of Calverley Grounds, including a line of large, mature Scots pines that runs across the north western area, trees that form part of the very distinctive view that appears in many photographs, and have been estimated to remain healthy for a further 80 years.

These mature pines will be cut down to allow the excavation of an underground car park, three storeys of underground parking, that will extend from Mount Pleasant Avenue to Hotel du Vin.

On top of this underground car park, and on 993 square metres of the park, a large office block is to be built, 60% of which will be let commercially.

During construction the main Mount Pleasant entrance to the park will be closed and spoil will be stored in the middle of the park in front of the cafe.