The drainage systems in many parts of the borough of Tunbridge Wells are struggling with the current population and number of number of households. They simply will not cope with the level of development that is being planned.

Houses and businesses are regularly flooded due to the inadequate drainage systems. These floods cause huge damage and cost, and yet authorities and insurance companies are in denial about the frequency, causes and ownership of flooding.

Flash flood water from roads and streets in Tunbridge Wells are regularly forced down drains causing mains sewers to back up and flood. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and water authorities are not doing enough to divert the water – they spend more time trying to divert angry residents and business owners.

Unlike the floodwater, the message is clear:

Stop diverting attention and responsibility and start the huge engineering task required to update Tunbridge Wells’ and other towns, drainage systems.

There are action groups talking and Planning Officers looking at engineered solutions for new developments to mitigate flooding, but there are too many PDF documents, statements and policies floating around from the authorities and not enough action.