Once a leader for recycling, the borough recycles less today than it did ten years ago. We have been steadily sliding down the league table for the past decade as the Council put profits before the environment.

Back in 2007, the borough was 42nd in the country for recycling rates, and the Conservative Council took their foot off the gas and awarded Corey Environmental a 10 year recycling contract that didn’t include glass in doorstep collections. Fast forward ten years, and Tunbridge Wells has slipped from 42nd to 134th, with less being recycled today than a decade ago.

Bottle banks have been removed, and not replaced. They are often overflowing. Is it any wonder people have taken to throwing their glass into the bin rather than recycling it?

We see the impact we are having on our planet better than ever before. The Council touts its green credentials. So why are they not making it easy for residents to recycle heavy glass bottles and jars?

We feel that residents should call upon the Council to provide a comprehensive recycling service, which includes collecting glass at the doorstep. If we want to be a forward-thinking town we have some way to go, don’t you think?