The council claim that they cannot offer a Park and Ride in Tunbridge Wells, as they do not have the land. This is just one of many reasons given by the council for not implementing a Tunbridge Wells Park and Ride scheme.

However, TW Alliance have had a thought: why doesn’t the council make a Compulsory Purchase Order for land, in the same way that they are to obtain Hoopers car park for their new offices and a new theatre? Like we say….. just a thought.

Another reason given is Tunbridge Wells Borough Council would “have to subsidise the scheme”, and also “make the in-town car parking incredibly expensive” to get people to use the Park and Ride service. Mmmm, bit of an assumption we feel.

One councillor commented that people around here (Tunbridge Wells) simply “wouldn’t get on a bus”, as if it was below them. Of course none of these councillor comments are based on fact, just pure assumption. A lot like the Council Leader, David Jukes’s view that:  “people come to Tunbridge Wells to die”.  A charming view of his constituents.

Our council needs to stop assuming and start quantifying. They also need to acquire some land for a Park and Ride that is well overdue.