As the infrastructure of our Borough continues to creak, a plan to build a 68 bed care home and day centre has been approved by the Council, despite the local GP surgery raising significant concerns that it will not be able to cope.

Experts say the development planned for Cornford Lane, Pembury, will simply put too much pressure on the local health centre and the quality of services it provides.

A spokesperson from Waterfield House Practice in Pembury said “Waterfield House Practice does not have the capacity to safely and effectively address the needs of another 72 patients who will, by their nature, have complex medical needs.”

This comes within days of a new local political party, Tunbridge Wells Alliance, announcing it will fight for joined-up thinking for the Borough.

The lack of cohesive thinking shown by our Council is putting pressure on an already failing infrastructure, resulting in stretched medical services, flooding and congestion. Tunbridge Wells Alliance believes in infrastructure first, development second.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s planning committee approved the three story planning application on 7th March.