It has been reported that a record number of political parties have been created in the past year in an effort to challenge the big three national parties.

More than 50 new parties were registered with the Electoral Commission in 2017, more than double the year before. This year is set to be another bumper year, with 12 parties registered in January alone.

Tunbridge Wells Alliance Chairman, ex Council Leader Bob Atwood, says:

This is no surprise. People want a viable alternative to traditional politics. Tunbridge Wells Alliance takes the “Political” out of “Party”, and is set to counter the abject failings of most of the current Tunbridge Wells Borough Councillors, whatever their political affiliations.

While many of the new parties formed recently operate on the political fringes, some of the most credible are seeking to reclaim the centre ground, which their supporters feel has been deserted by Labour and the Conservatives.

Other recently established parties include Advance Together. Founded by Annabel Mullin, a former Liberal Democrat candidate, the party will take on Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Tunbridge Wells Alliance is a local party for local people, and will be putting up candidates in the May local elections.