We will push for the right development in the right places – We believe in infrastucture first, development second. We will lobby to ensure that the government’s new housing targets do minimal damage to our environment.

Our current council says yes to all development, resulting in misplaced over-development. This not only undermines the intangible value of our towns and villages, but it puts pressure on the already failing infrastructure, resulting in overflowing sewers, flooding, congestion and lack of parking.

We will demand the right level of dedicated money from developers to enhance our infrastructure – Developers are currently paying too little to over-develop land in our Borough. Significant funds (called Section 106 contributions) can be secured from developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure to balance their developments, yet our Council is accepting pennies. We will keep up the pressure to ensure developers pay the right level of money to invest in schools and the failing infrastructure.

We will fight for more social and affordable housing – People of all incomes deserve a home. It is vital for the future success of our Borough that we support all communities.