With local businesses being strangled by soaring business rates, we need to work hard to create towns and villages that will allow businesses to thrive – As well as helping businesses understand rate reliefs, we will create an environment that will increase footfall to bring customers.

We will improve accessibility – By reducing congestion in our towns we will make our Borough a more appealing place to visit and live. We will push for innovative transport schemes and pedestrianised areas to balance local and visitor traffic.

We will push for parking concessions – Our car parks are not full but the high parking tariffs force average earners to use on-street parking. We want car park parking concessions for those working in town and visiting residents of the Borough to free-up parking pressure on residential roads.

Protect remaining office buildings – Our high street trade is dying. We need local lunchtime trade in towns. We will stop the few remaining commercial buildings from being developed into expensive apartments, putting the handbrake on decline.

Saving our heritage – We are very proud of our towns and villages and we will fight to save their heritage. We will pledge to put the Borough of Tunbridge Wells back on the map.