Tunbridge Wells Alliance exists to help drive joined-up thinking to future-proof our Borough.

We are driven to challenge our out-of-touch Council – It does not have a coherent long-term plan for our Borough and is not effectively engaging with residents. The Borough’s finances should be sustainable. Under the current leadership our Borough is facing financial ruin, cuts in services and the destruction of its character and integrity.

We want an integrated plan for the whole Borough – including the town Royal Tunbridge Wells, which has been without an official Town Plan for some time.

Actions and developments in one part of the Borough cannot be taken in isolation – We will champion practical solutions taken from successes in other places – both UK and abroad – pushing ways to solve issues as opposed to endless debate.

We will bring long-awaited change to the way local politics is done – We believe our Borough is better served by people and not by national, political party agendas. We are residents who want to champion common sense and fair play. We are not ‘career councillors’ whose primary concern is re-election.