Tunbridge Wells Alliance is unlike any other party representing Tunbridge Wells residents.

Because good politics requires good people – Our Councillors and candidates are residents, unlike our council leader who doesn’t live in our Borough or County. We see and experience what needs improving every day. Tunbridge Wells Alliance represents the diverse communities we aim to serve. We have the grit and determination to deliver the party promise – Politics for People not Politicians – to future-proof our Borough and to realise its full potential.

Because we are prepared to consult and to listen – We welcome collaboration. We make it our business to understand what is happening and keep you informed.

We will compel the Council to engage with residents in a manner fit for the 21st century – The way in which our current Council tried to put  through a £108m+ Civic Complex Development – without effective debate and consultation – leaves no doubt about how broken our local government is.

Because we look for inspirationWe love a fresh perspective, and we are open-minded – knowing that inspiration can come from global, national, regional and local examples. We will champion practical, alternative solutions taken from successes in other places, finding ways to solve issues as opposed to endless debate.