An application to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership for a £5m grant to help fund the £93m Civic Complex vanity project has apparently been ‘sifted out’.

An initial draft document mistakenly published online revealed the inner workings of the evaluation for the grant.

The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), responsible for financially supporting projects that are believed to have a positive, tangible impact on the economy, has said that whilst the document shows that TWBC’s application lacked tangible evidence in certain areas, all 60 applicants for the loan were being invited to submit their justification.

The initial draft document (which did not contain the word ‘draft’) showed the Council’s application as being refused due to “a lack of evidence” of benefits, something that many residents and councillors have been highlighting for ages. The document deemed the £5m sought to help with the vanity project “presents a deliverability risk”.  

The Local Growth Fund (LGF) uses SELEP as an Independent Technical Evaluator (ITE) to help the Investment Panel make this informed and objective decisions.

Further information can be found from SELEP.