Tunbridge Wells Alliance is a bold local party independent of national politics. It became an official party on February 23, 2018 and fielded candidates in the local elections on May 3, 2018.

The team behind Tunbridge Wells Alliance includes business owners, working mum’s, engineers, accountants, restaurateurs, project managers, IT professionals, and many others.

We believe in Politics for People not Politicians.

Key people in Tunbridge Wells Alliance:

Bob Atwood, chairman of Tunbridge Wells Alliance, was a Tunbridge Wells Borough Councillor from 2008 to 2012 and former Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council from 2011 to 2012.

Robert Chris, former chairman of Tunbridge Wells Alliance, is an accountant and long term resident of Tunbridge Wells.

Peter Wooster, treasurer of Tunbridge Wells Alliance, is an accountant and consultant and long term resident of Tunbridge Wells.


The Tunbridge Wells Alliance candidates were as follows:

John Smith in Benenden & Cranbrook

John has lived in Sissinghurst for 23 years with his wife and three children. He is a Councillor on the Cranbrook & Sissinhurst Parish Council and served on the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council from 2007 to 2015.

On Tunbridge Wells Borough Council he chaired numerous committees including Scrutiny, Planning, Investigatory & Cabinet Advisory Boards as well as senior officer interview & appointment panels. He was also Deputy Mayor 2011‐12 and Mayor 2012-13.

Lucy Willis in Culverden

Lucy has been a resident of Culverden ward for twelve years. She is a committee member of the Clarence Road User’s association and attends regular Town Forum meetings.

Lucy would work hard to improve local services for the ward and is keen to bring control of roads back to the Borough Council to improve road maintenance. She will also push to ensure more affordable flats are built, improve social housing and find ways to reduce the ever increasing pollution levels in the town. She is also passionate about helping rough sleepers to find alternative accommodation.

Rodney Atkins in Paddock Wood East

Rodney has lived in Paddock Wood since 2009, and met his wife in Tonbridge, where he grew up. He has two teenage children and has worked in the financial services industry for all of his career.

In May 2015, he became a Paddock Wood Town Councillor and served on the Planning Committee, but is now on Estates and Finances Committee where the decisions have a larger impact.

Brian Ransley in Paddock Wood West

He worked as a transport engineer and was director of a rubber compounding business. Since 2005, he has been surveying schools and hospitals and now works part time as a QA inspector for TfL bus infrastructure.

Brian is known locally from his time as the Borough Council member for the adjoining Capel ward in 2008 to 2012. He will seek to ensure that adequate infrastructure to prevent flooding anywhere in Paddock Wood is provided before any more houses are built. He also opposes the proposed community centre especially at this time of financial restraint.

Nick Pope in Park

Nick is an IT professional who was brought up in Lamberhurst and has been involved in a number of community groups and community events in Tunbridge Wells since 2012.

Steve Bowser in St James

Steve believes that local initiatives can make a big impact on the local community and has been active in a number of public consultations and participates in debates on local issues. His background is in finance and software in which he continues to work as an independent consultant.

Steve believes the need for change is urgent. TWBC is facing numerous challenges that need open and transparent debate. This is not something we get from the Council. TWBC is unable or unwilling to listen to the residents in the blind pursuit of its own agenda.

Nick Twist in Sherwood

Nick is excited to be a candidate for Tunbridge Wells Alliance in the upcoming council elections. He has been a resident of Tunbridge Wells and the Sherwood Ward for the last 11 years. For many years he worked in London, but for the last four years he has worked locally for an insurance company within the IT team managing key infrastructure sites, supporting the rest of the business that is based throughout the UK.

Nick enjoys living and working in the town. It is his hope, as a councillor, that he can contribute to enhancing all that is great about the town. In his free time he enjoys watching sports and volunteer when he can, including in the library in the past as an IT Buddy. Currently he is helping to set up the Tunbridge Wells Flood Forum to work with all the local authorities on ways to protect the town from the flooding issues we are now experiencing more frequently.