Kent County Council (KCC) is seeking to save money by cutting the financial support for a number of bus routes in Kent. In addition, some commercial bus routes that do not receive a subsidy from KCC are also being axed because the Government’s Bus Recovery Grant is coming to an end and passenger numbers are still 30% below 2019 levels.

Cllr Nick Pope has been working to save the 285 bus that runs between Hawkenbury and Tunbridge Wells, talking to KCC, Nu-Venture Coaches, AXA and Berkeley Homes, all of whom have an interest in having a bus service in Hawkenbury.

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  1. Dedicating space to cultural and social activities is never enough and dedicating them to young and old is the best! I come from a limited nation (Italy) that has never faced the problem in an energetic way, has always left the task to the Church which is committed but has also had its own! Tunbridge Wells has the opportunity to further expand this source which brings knowledge and well-being to the community! Furthermore, the collaboration with The Amelia Scott would further bring prestige to the city! I am sure your commitment and you will find the best solution! I apologize for the translation: I am an elderly retiree living in Tunbridge Wells (beautiful city) and cannot speak English. Good job!

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