Lee Hatcher

Lee is a Cranbrook man, born and bred. He has traced his family tree in the town back to the 1760s and grew up in the town, attending Cranbrook Primary School and Angley School and also working in the area. He still lives in Cranbrook with his wife Annie and his stepson, Max.

He has been on the steering committee for the Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Neighbourhood Development Plan since its inception in 2016 and he was elected to the Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council in 2019.

Lee is a member of several sub-committees, including the Community Centre Group. He is chair of the Economic & Community Committee, vice-chair of the Planning and Preservation Management Committee. He also represents the Parish Council on several local bodies, including the local Tourism Group, Citizens Advice, Age Concern and the Cranbrook Conservation Area Advisory Committee.

“I believe that local government is all about representing and supporting the residents in our area and has little to do with national party politics. We can all help our Borough Council represent us better by asking difficult questions and making sure that what they do is what we need, rather than what a national party tells them to do.”