I was fortunate to move to Brenchley nearly 20 years ago. My twin teenage daughters were born and have grown up in the area and my Mother joined us by moving to Matfield in 2006. Particularly during the recent Covid crisis, it was tremendous to be reminded of the open, friendly and supportive nature of our community.

I feel strongly that a local focused, independent councillor, not beholden to national political ethos is better placed to serve our Ward and now is the time in my life that I am able to provide the commitment and experience needed.

I believe my 30 years of professional experience leading large international companies and my ongoing voluntary experiences providing support and mentoring to start-ups and charitable organisations, combined with my accountancy background, put me in a solid position to drive improvements to the services that our Borough Council provide us.

Should you lend me your vote, I intend to be an active and effective councillor and will be available to all voters in our wonderful Ward. 

Some of the issues that I believe are important are:

1) Sustainable development: we need to protect our beautiful AONB whilst providing housing solutions that work. This is achievable if we ditch the dogmatic approach  that has been presided over by the current borough leadership.

2) Road safety and bus routes: I have seen first-hand the issues of excessive speed and large lorries on our country roads and villages. Bus routes are integral for connectivity and provide life lines and options for many. Cutting these services is unwarranted and unnecessary.

3) Local sports clubs and facilities: These are part of the essential fabric that knits together villages and towns and are positive influences on our younger residents.  We need to support these actively. 

4) Local shops, restaurants and pubs.  Again these are part of the fabric of our Ward and full impact analysis should always be implemented before ANY change of use planning is even considered.