As the landlord of The Hopbine Public house I’ve lived and worked in Brenchley for several years. My role gives me a unique platform to interact with many people in the community and I believe it allows me insight into the important issues faced by our rural villages.

I am a passionate believer that national party politics has no place at a local level and as such I am standing alongside the TW Alliance in representing our area. The TW Alliance is a group of existing councillors and prospective councillors with a goal to stand up for the needs of our local communities and NOT the agenda of political parties in Westminster. We believe in the importance of transparency and scrutiny within our council, strong channels of communication with residents and a focus on delivering the needs of those residents.

I’m proud to call Brenchley my home and the preservation of this beautiful rural community is at the forefront of my campaign. I want to give our area a clear voice on the council when it comes to development and planning issues, highways and council provided services