Paul Curry
Speldhurst & Bidborough

Paul Curry is the Chair of Speldhurst Parish Council and works as a Software Engineer for a major online publisher, with extensive experience in the consumer connectivity and media industries. He enjoys less-usual travel and experiences; he has toured Chernobyl twice, climbed a wind turbine, trained how to survive at sea, sunk in the Navy’s sinking ship simulator and once had his potatoes stolen, causing a minor media event.

Raised in Brighton, Paul moved to Speldhurst in 2015 and is actively seeking to improve the infrastructure in the area by bringing gigabit fibre connectivity to the surrounding area. He enjoys planning and executing projects which have a wide-scale impact for the community, but also getting hands-on in directly mending things like gates and fences where possible.

Aiming to extend this work further in Tunbridge Wells, he now stands as a candidate for the Alliance.

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