I have grown up in Tunbridge Wells all of my life, and have lived in Speldhurst for the majority of that, as a child and now with my own family. I will only ever stand for an election where I live so I can represent myself and my neighbours directly.

A few years ago, I promised myself that I would stand for election, with the intention of making a difference. The Alliance enabled me to join the Borough Council as part of a group of independent Councillors who together have a stronger voice but are not held back by national party politics. This has meant that I can really stand up for local priorities.

My first few months as a Borough Councillor have been really interesting. Since being elected I have enjoyed helping people and instigating the overdue change our council needs and that we, the residents, deserve.

The standout achievement from my brief six months as a councillor is the successful passing of my motion for a “Meanwhile Use” planning policy. This policy will be the key to ensuring that our town’s grot spots vanish and become fabulous community spaces for everyone to enjoy. ABC Cinema Site, your time is up!