I have grown up in Tunbridge Wells all of my life, and have lived in Speldhurst for the majority of that, as a child and now with my own family. I will only ever stand for an election where I live so I can represent myself and my neighbours directly.

A few years ago, I promised myself that I would stand for election, with the intention of making a difference. The Alliance enables me to join the Borough Council as part of a group of independent Councillors who together have a stronger voice but are not held back by national party politics.

Issues that currently concern me locally;

Planning: The villages we live in are our beautiful homes. The planning policy needs to reflect this and protect what we already have in place here. Mass development needs to give way to subtle home improvements.

Traffic & Highways;

Speeding by those who use our roadways a rat runs is a constant problem for all of us and the council needs to put as much emphasis into our safety as it does to that of the town centre.

Quality of road repairs: Cheap KCC contracts result in poor workmanship which not only affects the appearance of our neighbourhood but also causes damage.

Cycling safety: I used to cycle from here to Tonbridge daily via Tunbridge Wells, I can’t believe that it is still so dangerous. I have begun talks with Target Follow, the commons landowners, to provide a safe cycle path through their land.

And on a larger boroughwide scale;

Bins: A poor contract arrangement with Urbasa has resulted in poor service. The entire process needs to be looked at from a residents point of view.

The Cinema site: Massive errors in judgement may have let this opportunity slip way out of control. Overspending on the Amelia & Calverly Square is approximately £17m – coincidentally the cinema site is worth approximately £17m. At some point we have had the money to deal with this – this is an unacceptable failure by those in control of our money.